Luke Bozier reponds. Backs up allegation with 3rd party tweets.

Follow-up to yesterday’s article when I discovered Luke Bozier was accusing me of being behind the web site.

Luke Bozier, co-founder of Menshn, has responded to my email from last night.

Unfortunately he has not retracted his allegation against me, nor offered an apology.

He has compounded the allegation by further alleging that he, and others, have seen me “bragging about setting up”

He sent me a screen shot of the following tweet as “proof”.


Contents of the Email from Luke Bozier:

Subject: Re:
From: Luke Bozier <>
To: Paul Gregg <>
That would be all well and good except the fact that plenty of people
have seen your Twitter bragging about setting up on
Twitter. See the attached screen shot. And it's not the only one.


15 Replies to “Luke Bozier reponds. Backs up allegation with 3rd party tweets.”

  1. My emailed response:

    Wow. If you really think a 3rd party tweet someone sent to someone else is evidence of me bragging, then perhaps you really are as inept as that site alleges.

    I remain awaiting your full and public apology.

    Paul Gregg

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