I can’t get broadband… :(

Despite DETINI having paid BT �10 million to ensure that Northern Ireland has 100% broadband coverage and an announcement to say that it has been achieved, I am back on dial-up Internet access.

Last week, my neighbour who applied for access before me finally got a letter from BT’s Frank McManus saying that BT actually only had 99% coverage and he would be unable to get broadband, but he should consider Satellite instead.  Thus I’m not holding out much hope of me getting it either.

The BT contract notes that only ADSL or 5.8Ghz Wireless Radio broadband would be considered acceptable, so why is BT allowed to tell him (and possibly me) we cannot have broadband?   Theres a real stink to this and I’d love to hear from others if they too, in Northern Ireland, cannot get broadband because �10m DETINI money says that should not be the case.

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