FastCGI for IIS (PHP related)

I haven’t seen this announced on the PHP blogs (planets) yet and since it may be of interest to those running PHP (with IIS as a CGI) I’ll repost the details here.

Joe Stagner’s Blog (Microsoft employee) has posted that the IIS team have released the FastCGI extension for IIS 5.1/6.0 as a free download from

Rather than reword it all, here are the salient bits in Joe’s words:

HUGE KUDOS to the IIS team for their hard work and innovation (technical and political) for making FastCGI a reality.)

If your a developer that needs to use a CGI based platform (Like PHP) and work on Windows � then this is a godsend.

They guys went into over-drive to get this ready before the upcoming Zend-Con.

Here are the official particulars.

Since early 2006, Microsoft and Zend have been working together on a technical collaboration with the PHP community to significantly enhance the reliability and performance of PHP on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.  As part of this collaboration, the IIS product group has been working on a new component for IIS6 and IIS7 called FastCGI Extension which will enable IIS to much more effectively host PHP applications.   

New blog category – Photography

I’ve had a semi-keen interest in photography for a year or so now, but never really put anything together to display some pictures properly.  So in the absence of actually writing any real blog posts – why not put up some pictures? :)

Well first up is a shot of my little girl, Lauren, who just turned 3 years old. I was really going for the depth of field, and I think this one (out of about 20) came out really well.


Next is my eldest, Erin.


Here we have the first of the twins, Kirsten.


And finally, the other twin half who makes up all of the noise quota for any set of twins, Shane.


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