FOI Request #2, DETINI – Another reply – Track Changes reveals all

Today, (2005/12/07) I received yet another email.   However this time the attachment was in Microsoft Word format.   Turning on Track Changes revealed some enlightening information.  Did they receive my appeal on time (on the 9th November) and realise that they couldn’t make the 20 day deadline?  Also the deleted information says that they have already denied my appeal – but the text that replaced the deleted information says that they need more time.

I also notice that someone from the DETI NI has taken it upon themselves to check my blog every day prior to 9am (is this the first task on their schedule?) – so for now I have decided to move all these posts to a private area until I receive the full response from DETI NI.

Judge for yourself:

Page 1:

and more interestingly the "deleted" Page 2.

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