Why Menshn will fail

One of the driving factors of social media is the human need to be heard. The belief that somewhere, out there, someone is not just interested in what you say, but more fundamentally, has the ability to hear (or see) what you say (and write).

When the Social Media platform fails in that most fundamental of principles then you have to wonder about its long term prospects for survival.

I created several different accounts on Menshn, using different browsers and networks to simulate how multiple individuals would interact. (note that the rules do not prohibit this)

One thing stood out above all others – any posts by these accounts in any “room” or topic, does not appear in that room. Even when I wait hours, none of the posts appeared visible to the other accounts watching that room.  The posts are visible to the account who posted the message – just not anyone else. That, my friends, reduces the confidence in the service and as others begin to realise the futility of their efforts will result in the demise of the network.

When you lose the trust of the public, the network is doomed.

Abiding by the first rule of Menshn, please spread this article. 🙂

The first rule of menshn is you do talk about menshn. Please feel free to invite your friends, spread the word, and post about us on Facebook and Twitter.

 Final note: I did not, and do not, engage in any unauthorised intrusion attempts to collect any information in my research. All research is purely from observations that could be made by any individual.

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  1. Menshn is not the only one social network of this type.
    In August 2011, in Novi Sad, Serbia was announced Adbuka business network, and on 20th December 2011 company Adbuka launched a beta version of the interest based business network http://www.adbuka.com.

    Adbuka allows users to follow only what they want in simple manner.
    It is designed for professionals and companies.

    In mid-July 2012, will be launched Adbuka 2.0 version, with new features, and in August will be launched international Adbuka 2.0 version in English, German, Italian, and Dutch.

    Adbuka is stable application, currently in beta.

    I invite you to follow the events at http://www.adbuka.com in August 2012. You will be pleasantly surprised and I would like to make a similar test with Adbuka business network.

    Sasa Jovanovic, CEO & Co-founder of Adbuka business network

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