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I’ve had a semi-keen interest in photography for a year or so now, but never really put anything together to display some pictures properly.  So in the absence of actually writing any real blog posts – why not put up some pictures? :)

Well first up is a shot of my little girl, Lauren, who just turned 3 years old. I was really going for the depth of field, and I think this one (out of about 20) came out really well.


Next is my eldest, Erin.


Here we have the first of the twins, Kirsten.


And finally, the other twin half who makes up all of the noise quota for any set of twins, Shane.


Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

2 Replies to “New blog category – Photography”

  1. Excellent pictures.

    I like the depth of focus you achieved. One question, did you use a tripod or did you take the shots freehand?

    From my own nerdy perspective I’d be keen to know what settings you used and if you did any sort of post processing.


  2. Hi Paul,

    No tripod involved – just lying down with the Canon 20D and a f1.8 50mm prime lens.  I set the camera to Aperture control and opened up the lens to the full f1.8 and let the camera work out the shutter speed. The shots were taken in natural light in my living room (no flash).  I like this lens because it lets in a ton of light and being a prime, the images come out much sharper than zoom lenses.  It only cost �50 new too (I couldn’t afford the �250 f1.4 lens!).

    The shots are not post processed – uploaded straight from the camera.

    Thanks for the comments, I look forward to seeing more shots on your site too.


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