Bruce Perens and Richard Stallman to speak in Belfast

FOSS Means Business.

As DW writes over on his page, Bruce Perens and Richard Stallman are coming to Belfast in March 2006 for a FOSS event.  I will simply repeat DW’s post as we need to get more publicity for this event.

DW wrote:

Ciaran O’Riordan of the Free Software Foundation Europe has announced that Bruce Perens and Richard Stallman will be coming to Belfast to speak on March 16th at the Spires conference center in the city. More
information can be found at the FOSS Means Business web site.

This promises to be a really interesting event to attend, if for no other reason than to listen to Stallman’s GPL v3 advocacy talk. It is a very rare opportunity for you to come along and learn more about what is perhaps one of the most defining moments for free software this decade.

Entrance, thus far, appears to be free, or at least very cheap.

I’ll try to go and capture photographs of the event.

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